Bloom Where You've Been Planted!

How easy would it be to just cast everything off and run away!
One doesn't need to live this way of hardness and sacrifice, after all.
But, a proverb reminds me to stay on and bloom where I'm planted,
But, I question, if it's worth it all, after all.

Lord, I've been too cautious about every step I've taken;
Yet, haven't I failed many times in thought and in choice?
Still, waiting for some answer, I feel so forsaken,
While in some maze, it seems, my prudence is lost.

I wait for the audible, I wait for clear direction,
I wait for the miracle, I wait for some conviction;
Yet, none do appear, I'm left to my confusion!
Still, Your unfailing presence does guide me through this all.

The flower winds upwards through sunshine and rain,
It blooms where it's planted, be it mountain or vale.
O worry, you're over, your fears are all vain;
The unnoticed flower to blossom never fails,
It never fails, after all!

© Domenic Marbaniang, August 2010.


  1. Your poem is lovely... It struck a familiar chord me, in God's orchestration of life. We are but a flower that quickly fades, so precious in its short life, yet still beautiful.
    A butterfly struggles alone to escape its chrysalis, but if assisted it dies... A toddler falls down many times before learning to walk.
    I am so moved by your honesty of heart in that you still believe even when your path is unclear...
    Are you published? If not... you should be...


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