Walking in the Spirit

  1. The Spirit is a world. We are called to step into the world of the Spirit, in tune with Him.

  2. The Flesh is a world. We are born into the world of flesh.

  3. The flesh spins its own world around itself. The world is its reference of meaning.

  4. Guilt is the experience of battle between the Spirit-world and Flesh-world.

  5. Guiltless-sinning is the experience of being subdued by the flesh. This person can’t easily participate in the religious feelings of other worshippers. He/She has been sucked into the Flesh-world, totally alienated from the Spirit.

  6. The Spirit strives with our spirit to produce conviction when the flesh is a vexation.

  7. The key to walking in the Spirit is inclination. One who inclines his/her heart to the Spirit is drawn by the Spirit into His bosom of grace. The Spirit reveals Himself to those who seek Him. He assists us in prayer for we know not how to pray. He breaks through the shell of our minds, illuminating us with divine insights, delivering us from the delusion of sin.

  8. The Spirit-filled walker is sensitive to the promptings of the Spirit - to know and to do the will of God.


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