Godly Sorrow Vs Godless Sorrow

There are two kinds of sorrow: godly sorrow and godless or worldly sorrow (2Cor.7:10). Godly sorrow over sin leads to repentance; godly sorrow over the state of people or things leads to prayer (often with fasting) and action. Godless sorrow leads to works of flesh, to anger, lust, bitterness, hatred, and ultimately death. Godless sorrow is abomination in God's eyes. Godless sorrow hurts self and others.

Examples of Godless Sorrow:
1. Cain's sadness that led to hatred and murder (Gen.4:5-7)
2. Sorrow of the Israelites for not having their lust for meat being fulfilled (Num.11:4-6)
3. Ahab's sorrow for not getting Naboth's land that he coveted (1Kgs.21:1-4).
4. Sorrow of Judas Iscariot that led to his suicide (Matt.27:3-5).
5. Sorrow of Abraham out of not knowing the will of God (Gen.21:11,12); but, when he knew God's will, he immediately obeyed God.
6. Sorrow of Jonah out of selfish pity (Jonah 4)

Examples of Godly Sorrow:
1. Sorrow of David over his sin (Psa.51).
2. Sorrow of Nehemiah over the state of Jerusalem that led to prayer and action (Neh.1).
3. Sorrow of Jesus in Gathsamane for the sin of the world (Matt.26:38). He was a man of godly sorrows (Isa.53:3).
4. Sorrow of Paul for the salvation of Israel (Rom.9).


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