The Immutability of Divine Faithfulness - Dr. Matthew K. Thomas

God's faithfulness must be seen in perspective of 5 attributes of God:
1. Omniscience - He knows everything
2. Omnipotence- He can do everything
3. Omnipresence - He is within our reach
4. Truthfulness- He cannot lie
5. Immutability - He cannot change.

An understanding of these attributes gives us Courage, Confidence, and Comfort in times of trial.

Divine Immutability
1. God's Character never changes (James 1:17; Mal.3:6)
2. God's Truth never changes (Isa.40:8; Matt.24:35)
3. God's Purposes never change (Psa.33:11)
4. God's Love never changes (Psa.100:5)
5. God does not change His Mind (Num.23:9)
6. God's Words do not change (2Cor.1:20).


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