Salvation from Sin

"The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved." (Jer 8:20)

He who lives in sin doesn't fall in sin; he who falls in sin doesn't live in sin. The slip and the fall were momentary.

He who is born of God doesn't desire to sin; he who desires to sin is not born of God. The slip and the fall were involuntary.

No lover of Christ ever desires to displease Him; no displeaser loves Christ. The slip and the fall were a hateful lapsing.

Nothing hurts and damages as the deceitfulness of sin; nothing heals and builds up as the truth of God.

What man of God desires wickedness? He desires to avoid evil, but desire to avoid is powerless before the desire to fulfill. He who focuses on avoiding sin rather than on fulfilling righteousness is overpowered by sin. Where there is no light, there is darkness all the time.

Sow Your righteousness in this soul of Your purchase, Lord!


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