Eccl 12:11 All truth is God's truth

The words of the wise are like goads, their collected sayings like firmly embedded nails—given by one shepherd. (Eccl 12:11)
~All truth is God's truth. Truth always sets free. Truth is consistent and coherent. Truth is not bound to any religion or culture, it is above all of them. Truth is one. It is like the sun that shines over all. The True Shepherd guides us into truth.


The Man God Uses - Poem

When a man seeks his own glory,
And his ego stands in between,
Then faith can't be his life's story
And miracles are never seen.

To that man whose heart is meek
Faith comes simple as to a child.
He fears no failure, his faith's not weak
God works through him, be mild or wild.

© 2018


The Cross Poses A Choice

The Cross poses a choice: either we are crucified with Him or are the crucifiers of Him.

They who turn away, crucify Him afresh.

They who are crucified live as crucified.

There is the fact of death, there is the act of death.

As we have been put to death with Him to live by His Spirit, so we are to put to death the deeds of flesh by the Spirit.


Ecclesiastes 12:7- The Spirit

Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. Eccl.12:7

All throughout the book, the preacher reminds us that everything is ephemeral, transitory, and vanishing like a vapor. However, towards the end of the book, at the point where he describes how the strong human gets weaker, ultimately falling to the ground, he mentions that there is one part of man that isn't a vapor after all: the spirit of man.

It is certainly foolish to ignore the spirit and focus all attention on things that are intrinsically vaporish and perishing. Jesus asked what would it profit if a man gained the whole world but lost his on soul. Nothing.

Therefore, we are reminded to remember our creator in the days of our youth.


Creationism, Compatible Theories Issues

Take, for instance, the account of the miracle of water into wine in John 2. There are at least three approaches to this:

The believer: He believes the miracle happened..
The agnostic: He doesn't know if a miracle happened and would like to know more.
The non-believer: He believes miracles are metaphysically impossible.

When it comes to the story of creation , there is not even the option of comparing a previous record of water in the pots vs later record of wine. It's like one only has the wine at hand to investigate if it was changed into wine from water a few moments ago, and no record or evidences beyond that. In such case, a naturalist will only attempt to find ways in which the wine came into existence. That is what the evolutionists are doing. Progressive creationists are a problematic intrusion in that they claim to believe in miracles but are unwilling to accept that the water was made wine just a few moments ago. So, they accept all the possible explanations of the naturalist interposing Jesus where the naturalist theory suffers lack of explanations. Eventually, the newer explanations will push away the supernatural element.

The problem with trying to explain away divine acts (such as creation and miracles) as compatible with scientific theories is that, eventually, one will make way for the theory. In Francis Schaeffer's words, the lower storey eats up the upper storey.


One Man Against A Sea of World

There are many who join the crowd,
There is one who stands apart,
And, what force can ever assail
That one man against the world!

A million-man army upon one man
Like a crashing wave may fiercely fall,
Some will vanish like sea-side sand
But he stands like rock who knows his call.

Do you know your sacred call?


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