Still You Bend Down To Where I Am

As eternal as the skies is your love t’wards me
My failings disturb me, and I’m down
But you lift me up as a father His child
Should I ever recount my transgressions to myself
My self would abhor me above my transgressions
But you love me, despite my failings

My heart feels pale at the thought of its weaknesses
But then you call my name and it sounds sweet in my ears
The highest hills aren’t high enough to scale your majesty
Still you bend down to where I am

14 July 2007

Praise & Slander

Praise and slander are both fruits of magnification;
The one focuses on virtue; the other, on vice.
The one supplants the other or versa vice.
Thus, bias judges by exaggeration
What feelings are aroused by sympathy,
And striking a note once, then twice,
Then times a many, grows voluminous ever,
Until revoked, stilled, transformed, removed.
Then does feeling spur reason to find more reasons
To back what it feels, and gets stronger thereby:
This all to prove that man knows a little
But speaks much more,
And one only sees as much as one feels.

14 July 2007

True Love

Love is unpredictable
Or at least, falling in love is.
Call it blind, but then call it also deaf and senseless;
For, the blind will also love if they can hear and sense.
Then does love relate falsely, for the senseless can’t relate.

But, as instant is love so is hatred.
The dearest soon turns the sorest;
The hero, the villain….
The flickering, then, can’t be true;
For Truth flickers not.
The unpredictable is the irrational,
And the irrational breeds chaos,
Which none’s will can conquer.
Therefore, love is stronger than death and unquenchable.
Unconquerable for it neither sees nor hears.
And so is irrational.

But love that’s true abides, tho’ the world passess by.
And love that’s true loves truth above everything else;
For anything connected to truth is infected by it.

‘For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace.’ Rom. 8: 6

‘But the fruit of the Spirit is love.’ Gal. 5: 22

‘The wisdom from above is…open to reason.’ Jas. 3: 17

10 July 2007

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