Dialectics of Vaccination

The African variant is said to have beaten Pfizer's vaccine according to an Israeli study.

Humans invent vaccine to beat the virus
The virus develops immunity to beat the vaccine... ad infinitum

Dialectical vaccinationism

Zoom classes and alienation

(cartoon circulating on social media nowadays)

Zoom, webex, meet, ...... Pros and cons

1. Safe inside
2. Time saver
3. Less paper
4. Less expensive than classroom
5. Travel money saver
6. Video recording, sharing...
7. Polls, annotations, etc

1. Connection issues
2. More distractions (unless in quiet room and phones off)
3. Screen stress
4. Social alienation
5. Depersonalization (cams off, no response, lack of personal touch)
6. No non-verbal feedback for teacher (when cams off) - highly demotivating
7. Less engagement
8. More burden on teacher to engage class
9. Breakout rooms, not very successful unlike class group discussions
10. Virtualization of life and habit


Resurrection poem


One act of justice
Cancelled our woes
One act of surrender
Defeated all foes
One act of power
Broke the grave
When Christ arose
On Resurrection Day!

It was no fiction,
The crucifixion.
No hallucination,
The resurrection.
They all saw Him die
So does history testify,
And timid apostles did the world defy
After they saw their Lord alive!

He died, He rose, He lives!

On the Internal Witness of Scriptures

I think it is very erroneous to assume that the internal witness of Scripture is unreliable unless supported by external (or extra biblical) testimony. 
1. When witnesses to an account are two or more, the testimony already carries a level of reliability. The Pentateuch, Kings, Chronicles, Prophets, Gospels contain accounts by varying sources that can be cross-referenced to gain a fair historical picture.
2. Cases of sole testimony cannot be disregarded as totally unreliable as per the rule of truth-expression. To stipulate that one must not testify or witness unless his/her experience is shared by others is to impose a gag on truth-expression or the possibility of hearing truth. In fact, it is a sealing of self from the possible sole source of information. Sole testimony, however, is also open to challenge if there can be enough reasons for raising such a challenge. But, in the most central narratives in Scripture, the witness party includes several persons. Thus, as per #1, the combined testimony of all these witnesses demands a hearing.

Why did Jesus' birth and resurrection happen so secretly or were revealed only to a few?

The scriptural evidence argues otherwise.
1. The birth of Jesus was announced by angels to the shepherds who not only visited Him but also talked about their experiences.
2. Before His birth there was the pre-evidence of Zacharias, Elizabeth, and Mary herself from her experience and visit to Elizabeth.
3. The Magi declared their finding to Herod who cross-referenced it with the Jewish scriptures, but tried to eliminate Jesus.
4. His birth was not a secret. Yet it was a mystery of Godliness against the mystery of ungodliness that is also at work in the world.

This was also no secret.
1. The guards knew about the supernatural visitation, the great angel who rolled the stone....
2. The priests also knew about it and tried to protect the guards by fabricating a tale of disciples stealing Jesus' body, which they were not able to prove and neither their persecuting the disciples could force them to change their testimony of what they saw. 
3. Obviously, given #2, the transformation of the disciples from timid to courageous witnesses was not the result of a mere visionary or subjective experience. 
4. There was claim of a larger body of over 500 people who saw Jesus post-resurrection. It wasn't hallucination. It was also not spiritism. Jesus ate with the disciples and Thomas touched His side.
5. Both Jews and non-Jews were aware of this and it was a stumbling block to both.

Does Evolution have a mind of its own? Does it decide?

Ever since Darwin, there is a tendency to ground human behavior (regardless of the ethical question) on some numinous mind or intent of evolution itself. One of the most popular is the gene or species survival argument that tries to explain several acts like adultery/promiscuity and even murder and suicide as grounded in evolution's intent to make more gene copies or ensure species survival, thus attempting to deterministically ground human behaviors in some underlying, unconscious (collective) force, principle or "archetype". Thus, the responsibility is shifted from the individual to the species and from the species to the "one" that created or made possible this species. This "one" is the new scientific reality, life, elan vital, God. The evolutionary psychologist Carl Jung went to the extent of believing Satan (or the archetype of evil) as the fourth in the "divine quaternity", for he thought the Trinity was insufficient. Genesis 3 gets repeated. What elaborate enterprise to self-deception!!!!! 

Light of the World

"You are the light of the world,"
He unhesitatingly said.
Your task is to speak the word
Reversing darkness and death.
Words are lamps, words are light
They bring healing, they give sight.

In a world of ideas, dark and dead
The breath of the Spirit is the light of life.
In a life so wrecked by sin's evil web
The word of the Spirit is the Healer's knife.
The word is in your mouth, so let it out
In speaking and writing, say it loud!

Words are lamps, words are light
They bring healing, they give sight.


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