Why Live?

Walking on the street, one night in the cold.
No one on the street, I was there all alone
Got some time to think and muse on myself
"Why do I live? Is life an empty shell?"

"Is it of any worth just bearing up the pain
Or live a life where worth seems just as vain?
Why do I live when troubles soar so high?
Why don't I kill, kill myself and die
And put an end to all confusion hanging here?
But, is death the end or a door to unknown fears?
And, is that the reason why my soul refuses to die,
And when it senses danger it wishes from it to fly?"

"Who knows, just leave it forget.
Walk your path, doing good, and yet,
Who knows what's going to be
What is the Truth of Life and of death.
Is it all worthless?
Or worth is all worthless?
What to me is good, will some other call bad?
Him who is suave, will someone call a cad?
Who knows, come leave it forget."

Now I was on the street that lead to my home,
It was dark all around, but the light on my home still shone.
I yearned to understand what this all meant to be
The street, the light, were they all reality?
Who knows...

I put the key to the lock and opened up the door,
Turned on the light, and sensed the boredom more.
I went to my study and picked up a book.
The dust from it I shook, just to take in a brief look.
"Perhaps my questions will be answered right here!
For so joyous they look who this book revere!"

And beginning at the beginning, for days together I read
The story of His goodness and our wickedness
And as I mourned at our grievances so sore
I arrived at the story that cut through my core.
The story of His love for this world of disdain,
The story of His healing for this world of pain.
For blind we became by hating the Light,
Dead we became by rebelling against the Life,
And fools we became by rejecting the Truth;
So confused and tired just in the bloom of our youth.
And cry,
"No balm can calm the pain that arises,
No hand can deliver us from these crises,
For sin had left us dilapidated,
And the horror of judgment for us now waited."

I reveled in glory, joy and mirth,
As Him I admitted, I had a new birth.
The life that I live is now no more mine,
But His and His light in this world to shine.

And life is no longer now very dull and vain,
To me to live is Christ, and to die is to gain.
No fear of the future, nor fear of dismay,
I'm no vagabond, I'm walking on His way.

Now I can see it and understand it well.
Without belief in God, there's no Truth to tell.
I can see the world now with eyes so new
And understand things which I never knew.

Life is so wonderful, it is so beautiful.
Life is so joyful; it is so purposeful.
Worthless is that life which is lived in sin,
Precious is that life which is lived in Him.


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