Salvific Transformation (Dimensions of Salvation)

Four dimensions in which salvation can be seen:
1. Transcendent Dimension – the eternal purpose of God and the slaying of the Lamb before the foundation of the world, predestination, justification, adoption.
2. Historical Dimension – the Fall, the Covenants, Israel, Incarnation, Death, and Atonement.
3. Empirical Dimension – conversion, regeneration, sanctification.
4. Eschatological Dimension – glorification, consummation, eternal life.

Our Focus: Empirical Dimension – Conversion, Regeneration, Sanctification.

© Domenic Marbaniang, February 14, 2006

Dangers of Pitfall

Dangers of Pitfall

I Cor. 10:12; 2 Chr. 15:2; Ps. 62:1 (NIV)

Domenic Marbaniang
7 Feb 2006
1.      The Context of 1 Cor. 10: - Body needed to be kept in subjection (9:27)
2.      The Israelites were saved but soon fell from the faith in Christ. (10:7-10).
3.      To be pleasing to God is of utmost importance. (v5)
4.      Check your confidence (v12); Trust in God (v13)

I. The Fall of Asa
1.      The Counsel of God (1 Chr. 15:2-7) 
2.      Asa as Seeking God (15:12); Asa as Away from God (16:12)

A.        The Attitudinal Shift: A Change of Mentality.
His earlier world-view in 14:11 – God and us versus the enemy
Now: I and my people versus the enemy – God's involvement was ruled out.
The Problem: Adversity. How do we face adversity? The Stony Ground. Not well rooted in Christ
Two dangers: (1) Shallowness of Fellowship (2) Over-familiarity to the point of indifference: The Nazarenes & The Disciples.

B.        The Sanctimony Rift: A Crack in Sanctity
C.        The Aggression Lift: A Climb of Malignity

Flee Lust!

Lust's arms are a tangling web.
Its gazes alone conjuring,
Frail souls to fall and ebb
Into Hell's unquenchable fury.
My soul was high upon the crest
Of holy thoughts and musings.
But sooner were its yearnings wrest
To idolatrous lurings.

Wild, drunk, and debauched turned I,
As lust its blood-drenched sword out drew.
It left my heart of love all dry,
As loveless lust sought more for new.

Lust's arrows are sharp and heavy
Piercing through man's entrails.
Then leaving its victim void and weary
It falls away with no avails.

True, remorse does first sooth the wound
But foregoes as lust keeps the strike.
Oh, that man would no longer play the fool
To follow lust's charms and lose his life.

The flick of the moment, the slip of time
The act of a fool in the daze of night.
Lustre ephemera, murderous wine.
Son, run from lust: stand not to fight.

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