Father, You Are the Artist of Canvas and Paint - Poem

Father, You are the artist of canvas and paint,
Color my life with your blue skies and rain,
In places of sunshine and places of pain,
Till I am a picture of Him.

Make me a portrait of
Paint His love o’er my sin,
Make Him ashine, like a light through
Till I am a picture of Him

Father, I am a canvas for you to create
Capture the look of Your smile in my face,
But when You paint problems, Lord fill with Your grace,
Till I am a picture of Him.

Father, You paint my future according to Your plan,
I trust You though sometimes I don’t understand,
The rainbow of reasons that flow from Your hands,
Till I am a picture of Him.

- Sigi Varghese (Shared by Thomas T. Varghese)

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