The Sun Still Rises - Gen. 32:31

The Sun Still Rises
 ‘the sun rose upon himGen. 32: 31

Itarsi, 10 July 2007
Domenic Marbaniang 

            28: 11 – the sun was set
            But God had not abandoned him. The first meeting 28: 13
            Jacob’s response: 28: 20 – A very business-minded young utilitarian.

1.                  The Sun arose over his dark history of sin and selfishness.
Pride and Lust: 28:20:  The great artist Michelangelo fastened a little lantern to his headpiece so that his shadow wouldn't fall on the marble on which he was working. When self becomes obtrusive, it casts a shadow on all we do. This is true even in prayer.
Selfish attempts at Esau’s birthright and blessing. Securing Future Prospects
The birthright secured to him who possessed it
(1.) superior rank in his family (Gen 49:3);
(2.) a double portion of the paternal inheritance (Deu 21:17);
(3.) the priestly office in the family (Num 8:17-19); and
(4.) the promise of the Seed in which all nations of the earth were to be blessed (Gen 22:18)
Reaping: Deceived by Laban. Barrenness of Rachel. Shrewd Laban.

Brokenness & Release: What is your name? Jacob – supplanter – heel catcher
God uses broken things. It takes broken soil to produce a crop, broken clouds to produce rain, broken grain to give bread and broken bread to give strength. It is the broken alabaster box that gives forth perfume. It is the broken Peter, weeping bitterly, who returns to greater power than ever.
‘The pathway to the Christ-life is via the cross - being broken thereon. What power is released when an atom is broken! What power can be released when a child of God is broken in God's Hand!’ Zac Poonen

2.                  The Sun arose over his dark cell of fear and hopelessness (32:7)
Why was Jacob afraid?
Fear of Violence and Hurt. Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual (Vision & Purpose).
Fear due to Self-centeredness: Jonah, Peter.
Alexander the Great was regent of Macedonia at the age of 16, a victorious general at 18, king at 20-and then he died a drunkard before he was 33, having conquered the then-known world. His father was Philip of Macedon, also a military genius, who invented the famous "Greek phalanx."
While Alexander was still in his early teens, Philonicus the Thessalonian offered to sell Alexander's father, Philip, his horse, Bucephalus, a trained, but vicious horse. Philip took his son along to see the horse go through his paces, but the stallion proved so unmanageable that none of the men could even mount him. Alexander noticed that he seemed to be afraid of his own shadow, so he quieted the horse by turning his head toward the sun! Then Alexander mounted the horse, and let him run freely for a while. Soon, by keeping him headed toward the sun, he got him under control.

Where are your eyes on?
Hopelessness: Stranded Hippies. Man under the sun is hopeless
Hope: ‘I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved’ (v 30)
‘If God be for us, who can be against us.’

A New Beginning: Josiah 2 Chr. 34
Malachi 4: 2

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