2 Simple Ways to Overcome Temptation

The two simple ways are given by the Lord in Matthew 26:41 where He exhorts His disciples saying, "Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation."

To watch means to be discerningly attentive. Whenever you feel drawn to something that is alluring and tempting, you need to ask WHY it is alluring and tempting. It can never be alluring and tempting until it is able to distract you from the Lord. Temptation is a subtle process. So speak to yourself these truths and take immediate actions to banish the tempting thought.

1. This temptation is trying to make me forget the Reality that is centered in Christ. It is trying to suck me into a virtual reality framed by sin where sin is acceptable.
2. The world where sin looks beautiful, reasonable, and true is unreal; the Reality is Christ and His love for me.
3. This suffering (if temptation to deny faith) is temporary, no matter how hard it is. The world that the temptation to deny faith sucks me into is a web spun by sin. It is not Real. The reward of keeping faith is the experience of the Reality that God is author of and that remains forever.
4. I can't give in to this unreal world. It is alluring. It is vile. It violates the love of the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me on the Cross.
5. Jesus is my God who became man for me. He is my High Priest, He is flesh and bones as I am. He lived like a man, died like a man, rose from the grave as the author of my salvation. He knows what I am going through. I submit myself to my Lord.

Submit to God and resist the devil; he will flee from you. The moment he is discerned to be the evil one, the tempter, and the deceiver, he can't stand anymore. The moment sin is discerned as sin, it loses it's power. Faith overcomes the world, because faith is the perspective of God, the way God looks at the world, at sin, and at salvation. Be strong in faith and you will be strengthened inside by the grace of God. God's grace is the steel inside of you. So, pray to God with all your heart.

Lord, I believe your truth and refuse to listen to the lie of sin. I turn my eyes from all distractive appearances of the world and I incline my heart to You. I turn my back on sin and turn towards you. Draw closer to me, O Father, and cover me with Your arms. You alone are my Reality. You alone are my Finality. You alone are the Strength of my life...


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