Divine Forgiveness

"Again I will build you, and you shall be rebuilt, O virgin of Israel!" (Jer 31:4).

Amazing is that GRACE that blots away the past irrevocably: the once HARLOT (Jer.3:8) is now a VIRGIN (Jer.31:4)!!... Behold CHRIST makes all things new!

I remember the story of Doreen Irwin, a woman who had been in the occult for very long and had been the queen of black witches. But, Jesus delivered her from all the evil spirits that had captured her soul. One day her heart was in distress thinking of all her sinfulness and the immoral life that she had lived. While deeply grieving her miserable state and pained by the memory of guilt, she suddenly heard a voice. It was the voice of Jesus speaking in her spirit. He reminded her of Mary Magdalene and how Christ had changed her life. Then He declared to her that she had been forgiven. All her sins were forgiven and her guilt removed because of the price Jesus paid on the cross. She had been delivered from the condemnation of guilt. Her conscience had been cleansed. She was a new creation. In God's sight, she was a virgin.

As I think of this, I also remember the story of Daku Ramba, a dacoit whom Sadhu Kisan Singh met in the Himalayas. This man was a fearsome criminal whose name resonated terror in the Himalayan valleys. He was responsible for the death of many people. But, when he met Kisan Singh and heard about the love of Jesus, his life was fully transformed. He became the meekest and the kindest man. Jesus Christ changed his life forever.

There is no sin so grievous that the blood of Jesus cannot cleanse. He came to save, forgive, and change our lives. He came to make all things new. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from ALL sins. We only need to accept Him and believe in His Name and accept His forgiveness to live for Him.

Do not judge what God has justified. Live a God-forgiven life with gratitude and reverence toward Him.


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