Do Not Quench the Spirit

"Do not quench the Spirit." (1Thess.5:19)

The Spirit is quenched by:
1. Ignoring the voice of the Spirit (Heb.4:7)
2. By careless talk (Eph.4:29)
3. By lovelessness, bitterness, anger, and lack of forgiveness (Eph.4:30,31)
4. By willful sinning and not esteeming highly the value of Christ's blood (Heb.10:29)
5. By opposing the work of the Spirit (Matt.12:31,32).

  • When one hardens his heart against the voice of the Spirit, the Spirit will stop striving with him. It leads to abandonment (Rom.1:21-26)
  • When one piles up careless and corrupt talking, his fountain is defiled and his rudder has turned his ship to self-destruction (James 2:1-6). Instead, one should pray in the Spirit and sing spiritual hymns and encourage others in Christ (Eph.5:18-20)
  • When one cannot love his brother and sister, hatred blinds his eyes (1Jn.2:11), and he doesn't have the life of God.
  • When one continues to willfully sin and has no esteem for the blood of Christ, he insults the Spirit of Grace (Heb.10:29)
  • When one speaks against the Holy Spirit and knowingly rejects the work of the Spirit, there is no forgiveness for him anymore.


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