Why Doesn't God Just Forgive People? Why the Need to Receive it by Faith?

Pardon that is neither recognized by the pardoned nor acknowledged as such by the same adds to the prevalence of injustice.

To say "I have been pardoned" is to acknowledge the authority of the Pardoner, the condemnation of self in sin, and the total surrender to the mercy of the Lord. 

To say "I have been pardoned" also means to acknowledge that the Pardoner (being the Ultimate Authority) has incurred the cost of the pardon. 

Unsolicited pardon is an aggravation of injustice and evil.

If it were not for the Mediator, the High Priest, there would not have been intercession for the sins of the world; for the flesh is at enmity with the Law of God and would not acknowledge it.

The intercessor must provide the price for appeasement of justice.

Pardon must be received in order to be restored and reconciled.


The Man and the Message in a Post-Postmodern World

 It was the case in the OT that the prophet was the message. His very life (that included his family) bore the burden of the message. That unity somehow gets split in a post-postmodern world of clicks, likes, selfies masquerade. 

I sadly reflect on those who are "forced" by the socio-religio-political system to assume a multi-face,- confusing themselves and the world. It is even more saddening when one face that seems to carry the message of inner-outer unity suddenly is revealed to be a mask and the unveiled real beneath it is a thorough mess.


Christmas Made the Greatest of Sins Finally Possible for Man

Some people ask why God allows evil in the world; the fact is that He allowed the greatest of all evils ever possible - the murder of God, evil against Himself. That is the tragedy of the Cross; but, that is the reality as well of His goodness. He allowed Himself to be utterly and thoroughly rejected, so that He could embrace us in that pit of sin. How can we forget that at this Christmas!

The very fact that He chose to be born into the most vulnerable situation speaks against all human confidence in human virtue.

Through the Virgin Birth,
He exposed Himself to social rejection and possible illegitimization!

Through the Star of Bethlehem,
He exposed Himself to political violence and possible murder!

Through His deeds and words,
He exposed Himself to religious hatred and possible abandonment by all friends!

Through His love for His disciples,
He exposed Himself to the most insidious betrayal!

Through His silence at His trial,
He exposed Himself to the worst intentions of violent men!

To misunderstandings, hatred, conspiracies, and the murder of God....

Joseph was a good and God-fearing man and he took Him in, violating social mores.
The Magi listened to the angel and disobeyed Herod's phobic dictate.
John remained by His side and at His foot to the end, staying true to Love.
He prayed the Father to forgive those who sinned against Him for doing it in ignorance.

Meaning... there is no respite when the MURDER is truly intentional....

Evil exists,
Good exists,
God died as a man
God lives as the Son of Man!

And, He shall come in clouds of glory
And, Evil shall not exist!

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Proverbs 2:16-18 - The Adulteress

 Prov 2:16 To deliver you from the immoral woman, From the seductress [who] flatters with her words,
 Prov 2:17 Who forsakes the companion of her youth, And forgets the covenant of her God.

"the covenant" 

Gill thought that "the covenant" here did not refer to Noah's covenant nor to Moses' covenant, but to the marriage act of covenant itself. But, it seems to me best to also relate it to the seventh commandment - Thou shalt not commit adultery - for the following reasons:

  1. The woman is part of the covenant people and violation of the seventh commandment is violation of God's covenant
  2. This is neither her covenant nor her husband's but God's. She forgets the impermissibility of divorce/forsaking within the covenant membership of God. 
  3. This "forsaking" as adultery is elaborated by Christ: “Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced from her husband commits adultery." (Luke 16:18)
  4. Thus, this "immoral woman" is not necessarily a prostitute. She might just be someone else' wife, an adulteress who has no respect for the covenantal law.
  5. The violation of the marital covenant (Ezek 16:8; Ezek 16:59; Ezek 16:60; Mal 2:14-16) is also a violation of God's covenant for the same reason.
  6. Thus, the adulteress in the Jewish setting is not merely violating her marital covenant, but also violating the covenant of God that requires her to be faithful to her spouse.


US Elections and the Fight for Democracy

It doesn't seem that the US people have lost faith in democracy. It appears distinctly that a great number of them do not trust (a) mail-in ballots and (b) machines. Whether this public call get respect from the judiciary is the question. Ultimately, people must not lose faith in the judiciary; for where the measuring limb of the government is compromised, injustice prevails and people return to a state of nature...

SOLVED: Webex Webcam video doesn't go through

 If you find that your video appears on your screen, but other participants inform you that your video doesn't appear, then try unchecking the Hardware Acceleration for Video. 

  • Go to Audio & Video in the meeting screen
  • Select Camera and then Advanced Settings
  • Uncheck Hardware Acceleration for Video

If the webcam is not functioning at all, you may need to perhaps 

  • Check if the camera is connected (if external)
  • Check if it is working in other apps
  • Update the drivers.


Lichtman's Predictions, Benford's Law, and Voter Fraud

Quick reflections:

While some are turning to "prophets" and "prophecies" for some clue or answer (Nostradamus included), other's are turning to science (or quasi-science) and maths. Prof. Lichtman's prediction that Biden would win seems almost to have come true, while some are now turning to Benford's Law for forensic evidence to whether voter fraud has really occurred. 

But, how fool-proof are any of these?

  1. Not all "prophecies" can be 100% true for we see through a dark glass as Apostle Paul said. That also can mean that prophetic consonance cannot be treated as proof.
  2. Lichtman's prediction assumes a pattern of mass psychology and behavior. But, does it appropriately incorporate factors such as fraud and mediacracy? Needs check. 
  3. Benford's Law proves successful in detecting fraud in several areas; however, experts are skeptical if it applies to election results due to population variances involved. At the same time, application of the mathematical law to human decision-making raises the issue of freewill and determination. 
  4. Some have also turned to answer in the stars (astrology). It seems to them to be quite mathematical and deterministic. But, that raises even more complicated questions as to how historical events can be causally connected with starry movements. [The Magi saw a star and followed it to Bethlehem; but, the star did not cause the birth of Christ - that's the difference].

Deckert, Joseph, et al. “Benford's Law and the Detection of Election Fraud.” Political Analysis, vol. 19, no. 3, 2011, pp. 245–268. JSTOR, www.jstor.org/stable/23011436. Accessed 11 Nov. 2020.


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