Privileges of Being a Christian (Luke 10) - Part I

Message by Dr. Matthew K. Thomas, Sunday, June 27, 2010

Luke 10 shows us three scenes that tell us what we are in Christ:

Scene 1: Ambassadors - We represent God (vv. 1-23) - The 70 that were sent
Scene 2: Imitators - We imitate God (vv.25-37) - The Good Samaritan
Scene 3: Worshippers - We listen to God (vv.38-42) - Martha and Mary



1. The Ambassador is appointed by the King, not by any man or board
2. The Ambassador represents the King in a foreign land (we have a citizenship in heaven)
3. The Ambassador is sent with distinguished honor
4. The Ambassador has the trust of the King in him
5. The Ambassador will only do everything for the best interest of his King
6. The Ambassador personifies or embodies the King
7. The Ambassador cannot take citizenship in the foreign land
8. The Ambassador is fully protected by the country he is sent
9. The Ambassador has full access to the wealth of his country
10. The Ambassador cannot be recalled by anyone except the King
11. The Ambassador cannot give his opinion, but only convey the message
12. The Ambassador has to influence the territory he goes to for his King
13. The Ambassador can never take his mission lightly
14. The Ambassador makes sure to keep the honor of his King

© Dr. Matthew K. Thomas, 2010


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