Health: Tongue Cleaners

Do you use a tongue cleaner? If yes, then you are at the advantage of having germ-free tongue, sharp taste buds, and a fresh breath. If no, any doctor would advice you start using one soon. Let's look at some reasons why a regular use of a tongue cleaner has several advantages:

1. It removes the plaque of food remnants that accumulate over the tongue.
2. It removes the bacteria that feed on the plaque (these are those that cause such a foul breath).
3. It cleans the taste buds and rejuvenates them.
4. Cleaner and stimulated taste buds help you get a better and original taste of the food.
5. It protects the mouth against ulcers caused by infections.
6. It helps to maintain healthy gums and teeth, which are the tongue's immediate neighbors.
7. It gives the mouth its fresh breath.
8. It is good for the stomach. Uncleaned tongue increases chances of bacteria getting mixed with food during mastication, leading to stomach illnesses.
9. It is good for lungs, as breath is also inhaled through the mouth.
10. It keeps a clear mind. Tongue is one of the most sensitive members of the body, and it is known that a drop of drug on it can affect the brain immediately. A clean tongue, therefore, keeps a clear mind.

There are many other reasons which you'll discover as soon as you start using a tongue cleaner. In India, since ages past, people used plant twigs or metal cleaners to clean the tongue. There are some cultures where this is not very popular; but, it has been observed that this leads to bad gums and teeth as well. However, those who wish to have a healthy tongue, gums, and teeth should also note that they cannot expect to have a healthy mouth if they assault their tongue, gums, and teeth with tobacco or any such hazardous stuff. Below are few care tips while using a tongue cleaner:

1. Use a tongue cleaner which is not very sharp.
2. Use a tongue cleaner that fits your mouth. Children must not be given a large one. It may not fit and so may cause cuts.
3. Clean your tongue every time you brush your teeth (most usually, once when you wake up in the morning and once before going to bed at night).
4. Wash your mouth every time you eat food.
5. Take care not to hurt your palate.
So, go ahead and enjoy your fresh day!


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