The Alabaster Box of Love (Luke 7:36-50)

Chapel, Monday, 2 August, 2010, 8:30AM

Luke 7:36-50

The story of a woman known as a sinner in the city, who dared to come into a Pharisee's house while Jesus was there and broke open her alabaster box of precious oil on the feet of Jesus, which she also washed with her tears and wiped with her hair. Jesus remarked that she loved much because she was forgiven much...

This incident took place in Galilee. Must be differentiated from the incident at Bethany where Mary anointed the feet of Jesus.

It's a story of love...

We all have an alabaster box of love. Where do we break it open on? She broke it open on the feet of Jesus....

1. The Box of Concentrated Love

Oil is the concentrated essence of a thing. Its richness. Spikenard (in Mary's story) cost above 300 denarii, over Rs.50,000. A highly concentrated oil is highly fragrant.

Love is a concentrated thing. It is unmixed, undistracted, indifferent to its surrounding. It cannot be diluted.

a. She didn't care for what people were thinking of her
b. Her affections were focussed on the Son of God
c. Your concentrated love can only belong to one.

The object of your love is always the focus of your attention. Where are your affections concentrated upon?

Do you pursue theology for the sake of intelligence, or for the sake of His love? That makes a difference.

Are you engaged in this ministry for the sake of ministry or work or even money, or because of your love? That makes the difference.

Where is your love concentrated upon? Concentrated love overpowers your consciousness.

2. The Box of Consecrated Love

Jesus looked to the woman and told Simon a story about the two debtors. This woman loved Jesus more.

a. Love Consecrated is Love Repented. It has turned away from the false and delusive world of sin that stands in enmity against God. It is consecrated to God.
b. Love Consecrated is Love Sanctified. Repentance is the response of our hearts to the Spirit of His love, to His Word. The depth and concentration of our repentance signifies the depth of the Spirit's working in us.

How deep is your repentance? Is any part still left over?

Love is sanctified the moment it touches the holy feet of Jesus.
Your heart is sanctified the moment you fall in love with Jesus.

The essence of holiness is love.

Where do you pour out your alabaster box of love? What is the thing that occupies your mind most often?
Where are your affections set?


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