10 Principles of Increase

Ten Principles of Increase

1.  Openness to change (Prov.1:5). Most people have stopped hearing. They don’t listen to anyone because they think they have arrived. Prov.9:9. Prov 22:17 (The importance of inclining)
2.  Obedience is the channel of blessing (Deut.7:13). Promotion comes from the lord. 1Cor.3:6 (God gives the increase)
3.  Growth is systemic (Col.2:19). Are you connected to the Lord? Are you connected to God’s people? How deep are your roots? How strong are your bonds? Do you suffer when another suffers? Is Christ your Head? Are you available for the Body? Self-centered leaders lose all their sheep.
4.  The laborer deserves his wages. The laborer must labor like a laborer (Prov.13:11). How crusty are your hands?
5.  The seed you sow is the seed that will grow (2 Cor.9:10) – Psalm 62:11 (When riches increase do not set your heart on them) – Learn to give, generously. What do you have in your hand?
6.  Looking at dirt as a positive sign of growth (Prov.14:4). Are your stalls dirtier yet?
7.  Confronting the wild: Don’t allow the devil to grow (Prov.28:28). Don’t give him any room. Watch & Pray without ceasing, Preach without ceasing. E.g. Growth of devil in Germany when they destroyed faith inside churches. If you are more than conquerors, why settle down with mediocrity and self-satisfying growth-levels. Don’t be a by-stander. Engage in the battle or you’ll be shot.
8.  A heart of compassion will have the hand of miracle. Miracles are never meant to serve your personal needs (When the devil confronted Jesus, He resisted him). A heart of compassion is the fertile ground for increased anointing. He calls you to serve; He’ll anoint you to serve. How softer is your heart? JESUS FEEDING THE 5000. Prov.22:16
9.  If you want to see the crop, you need to wait till harvest (Heb.6:14,15; James 5:7). There is a time for everything.
10. God will only keep you on earth as long as He wants to use you. So work till you die or till you meet Him at His coming (Psalm 71:17,18, 21). Don’t let the devil make you think you are useless. Every single second you are allotted on earth has a divine purpose to accomplish.

Domenic Marbaniang, October 2010.


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