How Old Have We Grown

How old do we sooner become
Forgetting things that were yesterday new;
Looking behind, we're surprised again
That our thoughts today aren't that new.

Memories of profundity fade into obscurity;
Memories of goodness are ever new;
Still, memories of transgressions prick the heart;
While memories of mercies remain true.

How older have we become?
How farther from childhood grew?
Still the child-like dependence hasn't disappeared,
The childish frettings aren't that few.

We are children of You, O Father,
Our eyes look longingly only to You.
For only You can discern our desires.
And our hearts always come back only to You!

Don't wanna miss Your voice in the morning,
As our eyes cast the spell of sleep away.
And, when we get back to bed in the night,
We desire Your presence with us to stay.

If we go wrong, O Jesus,
Let Your cane correct us, though we bitterly cry.
For, we know that sooner the cries'll be over,
And You'll sweep us back into Your bosom of love.

How old have we grown, how less dependent?
Well, never so old to never be dependent.
How younger do we remain, how far fit for work?
Where Spirit ignites passion, there never catches rust.

© Domenic Marbaniang, Saturday Oct 23, 2010.


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