Do not diminish a word (Jer. 26:2)

"Do not diminish a word" (Jer. 26:2).

What possession does a minister of the word have other than the word... and yet, scarcity galore! If the servant possesses not the word of the Master in verity, integrity, and honesty, he has lost his essence and meaning of being. If we possess anything else in abundance over the word, we stand disapproved. What worser plight could there be than a servant failing at God's word.

1. Do not diminish the wholeness of the wordDo not pick and choose from the word thinking "I should only say this" and "I should not be saying that". Speak the whole word, for the truth is whole. If we diminish any part of the word that God wishes us to speak, the whole is diminished thereby.

2. Do not diminish the meaning of the wordThe servant of God must be able to rightly divide the word of truth (2 Tim.2:15). Only such servant is approved by God. Those who misinterpret or interpret arbitrarily are unfaithful to the word. The message must be given in words that the message intends.

3. Do not diminish the significance of the wordIn an age of pluralism, we often try to mellow down the word, focusing only on those parts that would be generally appealing to all. We go about as if ours is one of the ways, or ours is a matter of mere personal choice, and not so seriously true after all. Have we forgotten the martyrs who gave their lives for the sincerity of the truth? A servant who thinks that his Master's word isn't so significant or important after all is unfit to be a servant any longer.

4. Do not diminish the volume of the wordThe lesser we communicate, the lesser we impact. The world must be deluged with the truth of God, or else it'll always be overpowered by the forces of darkness. We don't need to be pessimistic here as if the world's never going to be a better place. It has been a few times in the past, when leaders took the initiative to make God's word as plentiful as the air we breathe. But, when we standby allowing evil to go rampant over our cities, we are like that negative servant who buried his talent in the ground. If our light has got to be broad, we must position ourselves in a high and broad space. The candle must be put upon the stand and continue to give out light without any retreat. "Oh, others are doing the preaching anyway, and what must be said that hasn't been said already..." -- these are a lame excuses. We have been appointed to give volume to the word; let's not be negligent, nor despise our obligation.

5. Do not diminish the audience of the wordThat may sound strange, but it's true and sad when we pick and choose who the word must be given to and whom not. Some have limited their audience to only their Sunday congregation; others to their week day gatherers. The word must be widespread and reach everybody. "Go into all the world", said Jesus, "to every nation". The intent of the revelation is that all may hear and believe. God says to Jeremiah not to diminish the word "Perhaps everyone will listen and turn from his evil way..." (26:3). God wishes every individual to be saved (1 Tim.2:4). This Christmas, let's not forget that man on the street, or that little child over there for whom the Father's heart waits with expectation, and He has committed the message of salvation to us to deliver to that person..

May He increase and we decrease! May His word grow in intensity, volume, and range.

Domenic Marbaniang, Dec. 17, 2010


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