My First Prayer - Randy Stonehill (w/ Hindi Translation)

Words and Music by Randy Stonehill

I've been waiting for a long, long time
Hoping you're a friend of mine
If there's one thing that I need to do
Well, that's to find out more about you
I have been wandering all of my days
So if you're there, show me the way

I see people in a world of lies
Staring out through lonely eyes
Watching as the years go by
Knowing they're living only to die
There must be something missing somewhere
So if you're listening answer this prayer

I will follow if you'll lead me
Help me make a stand
If you'll breathe new breath inside of me
I'll believe you can, I'll believe you can

Well, I never really learned to pray
But you know what I'm trying to say
I don't want my life to end
Not ever knowing why it began
So if you'll trust me, I'll do my best
And I'll be trusting you for the rest

1976 King of Hearts Publishing
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Din yu beete karte intezaar
Ki mile mujhe koyi yaar
Yadi kuch ho jo mei kar sakta
To yahi ki mei dhoondu tujhe
Zindagi bhar mere yuhi gujre
So, yadi tu hei, le chal mujhe

Jhoote duniya mein in logon ko
Sunsan in aankhon se
Dekhte din gujar gaye
Ki marne ke liye ye jee rahe
Kuch to kahi par khoya hei
So, yadi tu suntan, jawab de

Mei to chalunga yadi tu chalaye
Khada kar mujhe
Yadi mujhme naya shwans tu phoonk de
Tu ye kar sakta, ye vishwas mera

Toh, mei duwa kabhi kar na paya
Par ye koshishen Tu jaanta
Mei marna yu na chahta
Jab tak na jaanu kyu hu yaha
So yadi mujhme ho bharosa
To mera sab kuch hei tere liye


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