The 7 Letters of Revelation: #3 PERGAMOS- One Dead Fish Pollutes the Pond (Rev.2:12-17) - PURITY

Rev. 2:12-17
Pergamos was a Compromising Church. The city was a head quarter of Satan.
One Dead Fish Pollutes the Pond
Balaam's Error: Tolerated

Beware of 3 Polluting Elements
1. The Old Leaven. The leaven of malice and wickedness. The leaven of tolerated sin (1Cor.5:7)
2. The Root of Bitterness. The bitter root of unbelief (Selling Birthright) (Heb.12:15)
3. The Garment Spotted by Flesh. The garment covering of carnality (Jude 1:23)

Smyrna: Satan's Synagogue
Pergamos: Satan's Dwelling Place, Throne

Warning: Rev.2:16; 1Cor.3:16
Promise: Hidden Manna, Hidden Name on White Stone (Not parchment, which Pergamos was known for).


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