A Dozen Mirrors Wouldn't Do - Poem

You glance at the panes
While walking on the lanes,
To catch of you a picture,
To be certain of how you do.
You gaze at your reflection
On every polished section
To read your face in some mirror
Thinking a dozen mirrors will finally do.

Some mirrors are false,
Some mirrors are true,
Some mirrors inflate,
Some deflate you.
Some think you’re a class,
Some think you look like a fool,
Some make you feel elate,
Some try to disintegrate you.

Why bother what the mirrors say, o man?
Why bother what they tell about you?
Each surface has its own interpretation,
Each owing to its own personal hue.

Know yourself, grow up, o man!
Stop looking at what the world thinks of you.
Look in the eyes of your Creator, they’re there!
A dozen mirrors wouldn’t do.


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