I don't believe the war is simply the work of politicians and capitalists... - Anne Frank (Quotes)

Anne Frank (12 June 1929 – early March 1945)
From The Diary of Anne Frank


I don't believe the war is simply the work of politicians and capitalists. Oh no,the common man is every bit as guilty; otherwise, people and nations would have re- belled long ago! There's a destructive urge in people, the urge to rage, murder and kill. And until all of humanity, without exception, undergoes a metamorphosis, wars will continue to be waged, and everything that has been carefully built up, cultivated and grown will be cut down and destroyed, only to start allover again!

I've often been down in the dumps, but never desperate. I look upon our life in hiding as an interesting adventure, full of danger and romance, and every privation as an amusing addition to my diary. I've made up my mind to lead a different life from other girls, and not to become an ordinary housewife later on. What I'm experiencing here is a good beginning to an interesting life, and that's the reason -- the only reason -- why I have to laugh at the humorous side of the most dangerous moments.

I'm young and have many hidden qualities; I'm young and strong and living through a big adventure; I'm right in the middle of it and can't spend all day complaining because it's impossible to have any fun! I'm blessed with many things: happiness, a cheerful disposition and strength. Every day I feel myself maturing, I feel liberation drawing near, I feel the beauty of nature and the goodness of the people around me. Every day I think what a fascinating and amusing adventure this is! With all that, why should I despair?

This is dedicated to the memory of Anne Frank:

Now philosophies stand ashamed before every stroke of her pen
That drew a tale of life with wisdom unworthy of the worldly wise;
History had a gem concealed somewhere in Amsterdam
To write its tale of humanity, divinity, and true freedom;
But, when the story was told, brought clearly out in bold,
History had lost the gem, betrayed for some ignoble end;
Yet, the gem did leave something behind, eyes for the blind:
The gift that she got for her birthday is now her gift to the world.

© Domenic M, 2012.


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