To Love and To Be Loved - Poem

"But what was it that delighted me save to love and to be loved?" - St. Augustine, Confessions.

From the depths of infinite eternity,
One would expect some dark, deep, ditch of emptiness;
But, that depth is filled with Divinity
Of the Triune God, in eternal mutuality, LOVE Himself!

From the spring of this Mutuality
Was patterned the Human Community,
In the image and likeness of God,
In the very figure of LOVE Himself.

The essence of Mutuality:
One soul in two bodies,
Mutual procession, each from the other,
Selfless spirit, two individualities;
Two for sure, but relationally one.

By two and two, that’s the order;
For, the lone man is an abyss of emptiness;
Void, devoid of the presence of an other,
Void, devoid of the sense of one with another.

In mutuality does one discover one’s identity;
One is always one in relation to another –
Who you are is who you mean to someone;
What you become is what you become in relation to another.

Just two Laws did God ordain:
Love God, Love fellow humans!
Thus, is dispelled the darkness of inhumanity:
To love and to be loved: there lies true tranquility!

© Domenic M, 2012.


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