The Unique Christ - III (Poem) - The Song of the Disciple

The Song of the Disciple

His eyes glistened with innocence, with mercy, and with love;
They sparkled with the fire of God's truth from above.
His lips uttered oracles that pierced us to the core;
They kindled our desire to listen to Him all the more.
His words were not concocted by human will;
Neither were they hosted by some sugary quill.
His thoughts were not such as would have pleased a man;
Yet, they were such that even a child would understand.
He fed us when we were hungry,
He clothed us in our shame,
He loved us though unworthy
We were of His name.
He called us to learn by being with Him,
Our lives were changed by just watching Him.
His breast was one's pillow,
His hand, one's rescue at sea;
His fingers, when they wrote on the ground,
Tore veils from eyes and caused the blind to see.
He chose not the highest places,
He taught us to seek of such none;
He was the meekest and the lowliest,
And by His humility has all worlds won.
He gave us no degrees or titles dear to men;
He cleansed our hearts and showed us what's real
When He stooped to our feet with a bowl and a towel.
"Those who live by the sword will perish with it," He said;
And, with that He put an end to the politics of power and violence.
And yet, it was not over;
We deserted Him in His weakness as into cruel hands He fell,
We covered our eyes in fear as He bore our agony of hell;
Yet, when He rose in His power vanquishing pain and death,
He never once mentioned our desertion of Him and how we fled.
He came to us in our weakness and strengthened our hearts;
He came to bind us together when we were falling apart.
Is there such union of meekness and power anywhere?
None except in the One who is both the Lion and the Lamb.
To this only True Teacher I dedicate this song,
The song of the disciple who still for the Master does long.


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