THIRST-TRUST-THRUST: 3 Pre-requisites to a Saving Miracle (John 5:1-9)- Sermon

Evening Service, SNGR. Oct 14, 2012.

The impotent man, suffering for 38 years, was healed in an instant. That's the miracle working power of God. How can I see a miracle in my life? Three things to consider:

1. Willingness to be healed [THIRST]
Jesus asked him, "Do you want to be healed?" Of course he did, or else he wouldn't be there.
Awareness of our need for healing and salvation is very important. Where there is no thirst, water has no value. Jesus said that only the sick need a physician. Those who think they are all fine can't appreciate, (Forget about desiring!) the power of God. Jesus said, Let him who is thirsty come unto me and I will give him water to drink. The deeper our thirst, the richer our experience of Him will be.

2. Absolute Reliance in God (Throwing Away All Crutches) [TRUST]
The man replied that he had no one else to help him. He had no alternative but God. Many times we fail to fully experience God because we have so many other options still in hold; and so we cannot commit ourselves 100% to God. We cannot trust Him absolutely. Jesus said that no man can serve two masters. The rich young man could not follow Jesus because he was not willing to let go off the crutch of worldly riches. He finally returned to them and forwent the treasures of heaven. As long as we have other things to still turn to, our heart cannot follow fully after God. To seek God's Kingdom and His righteousness is the primary object of our life; other things are only meant to follow.

3. Obedient Faith [THRUST]
Jesus told the man to take up his bed and walk, and he did. The servants at Cana obeyed Jesus and they saw there a miracle through their hands. The disciples distributed the bread that Jesus blessed and gave, and a miracle happened in their hands. Unless we take the bold step of faith and obey whatever the Lord tells us, we can never walk. When Jesus told the man to arise, he had two choices; either to laugh at Jesus' statement and keep lying there forever, or believe His word and rise up and walk. He did the latter and so we read of his faith in the Gospel, the Good News.

Our Thirst for God, Our Trust in God, and Our Thrust towards God is the Sum of our Experience of God.


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