I've seen the blind see and the deaf hear;
I've seen lame limbs leap and tumors disappear;
Yet, all these now seem like fleeting sparks
Before the flame of love-ignited simple hearts-
The miracle of innocence in the eyes of a child,
Miracles of tenderness in a world grown so wild;
Miracles that make truth glister and shine
Through acts that are merciful, compassionate, and kind.

The world seems infinitely void without the miracle of purity,
The lightning and thunder color the dismal with riotous fury;
Yet, this dismal cloud is rent when Love sheds all covering,
Makes no pretense, desires no coloring;
And, in the midst of a world consumed with passion and rage,
Love breaks through as the miracle on God's precious stage --
The heart of man, the eyes of a child, the lips of a kind sage
Touched by Love are God's miracles of boundless grace.

What sparks of joy now break upon the horizon!
It's the glimpse of God on one Human Face;
The Son of Glory has come to embrace His miracle
In the very pit of human sin, suffering, and shame;
He has left the grandeur of the highest heaven
To meet His child and save him from all disgrace;
For, what does heaven matter to the one who is Love
And hopes to see the miracle of love lighten one human face!

(Aug 30, 2012, Nov 15)


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