Why Is It Triumphant Sunday?

It is "triumphant" because the King has entered in.

3 Distinctives of Christ's Triumphant Entry
His entry shows His
-Conviction of Mission
-Control over Self
-Commitment to Righteousness

1. He moved towards the Cross, not away from the Cross.
The Cross defined His mission on earth. He knew where He was going.

2. He was indifferent to both Criticism and Praise.
Some praised and some criticized but He committed Himself to no man. It didn't matter what humans thought or said about Him; He knew who He was and what He was supposed to do.

3. He did not Compromise with Truth, with Meaning--He Cleansed the Temple
The Temple could not be confused with the Market. Jesus established that. There was no overlooking the truth. The definitions could not be compromised. The Priest made distinction between the clean and the unclean, between the right and the wrong, between the holy and the unholy.


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