Life is made up of choices.
Man has been given the freedom to choose.
One may not be able to choose circumstances, but he can choose how to respond to those circumstances (Matt.25:26,27)

God will judge us according to our works, that is according to the choices we have made in life (Rev.20:12)

Choices involve acceptance and rejection; acceptance of good and rejection of evil. Those who choose good receive favor, but those who choose evil invite trouble (Pro.11:27).

Some Important Choices to Make
The Bible is filled with guidance regarding what to choose and what to avoid. Following are few of them:
Choose the Narrow Gate (Matt.7:13)
Choose Life (Deut 30:19)
Choose Blessing (Deut 30:19)
Choose Right Attitude (Gen.4:6-8)
Choose to Serve God (Josh 24:15-22)
Choose the Word of God (Psa.119:30,111,173)
Choose the Fear of God (Prov.1:29)
Choose Wisdom (Prov.8:36)
Choose What Pleases God (Isa.56:4)
Choose the Kingdom and God's Righteousness (Matt.6:33)
Choose to Spend Time with Jesus (Lk.10:42)
Choose the Virtues (Phil.4:8)

Significant Choices in the Bible
Good Choices
Joseph chose to honor God in temptation (Gen.39:9)
Job chose to glorify God in his sufferings (Job 1:20,21)
Ruth chose to be with Naomi her mother-in-law and take care of her (Ruth 1:16)
David chose to encourage self in trouble (1Sam.30:6)
Daniel chose to keep himself pure from the world when away from his own people (Dan.1:8)
Paul chose to know Christ and considered everything else garbage (Phil.3:8)

Bad Choices
Adam and Eve chose the forbidden fruit (Gen.3)
Cain chose to kill Abel (Gen.4:6-8)
Israelites chose to murmur (Num.16:41)
Solomon chose to follow his wives' religions (1Kgs.11:1-4)
Judas chose to betray Jesus (Matt.26:14-16)


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