How to Worship

Worship in Spirit (Jn.4:24; Phil 3:3) Not external, ceremonial, slavish, but spiritual.... Not carnal worship that focuses on performance. Not a worship that is connected with location or tradition. Worshiping God in the Spirit means to know God, not after the flesh, but in the Spirit; to not have confidence in the flesh but to rely in the Spirit of God.

Worship in Truth  (Not False, Rom 1:25; Psa 51:6). Sincerity in worship means that the worship is not a wearisome, burdensome act; it is sincere and sacrificial. Worship in truth also means to worship God according to knowledge of truth, not according to imagination. To worship God in truth, one must know the Scriptures.

Worship with Understanding (Psa.47:7; 1Cor.14:15). To worship God with understanding means to be attentive and watchful about what one is speaking and doing. It means to worship God reasonably and meaningfully; not just as a formality or as a ritual. It also means to serve God with having our whole mental attention focused on Him.

Worship with Fear (Psa 5:7). One must approach God with reverence in heart. To come into the Church and to be playing with mobile phones, or to have a careless attitude, or to sit with a judgmental spirit indicates a lack of reverence for God. When one is engaged in worship, whether it be corporate or personal, one must have an utter sense of respect and awe for God (Eccl.5:1).

Worship in beauty of Holiness (Psa.29:2). Without holiness no one can see God. God calls humans to draw near to Him with their hearts cleansed by the blood of Christ and sanctified by the Spirit of Christ. Only holiness is beautiful in the eyes of God.

Worship in Complete Surrender (Rev 4:10). To worship God means to enthrone Him, to put Him in the center. A worship leader who wishes to hear applause and a Church that wishes to be known for its music have not surrendered themselves to God. In their hearts, they still pretend to be king and take the place of God, though with lips they praise Him. True worship is a falling down at the feed of Jesus with our crowns laid before Him.


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