Miracles - Teaching Outline by Dr. Matthew Thomas

Mark 5:24-34
The Miracles of Jesus Christ
1. Clarification
2. Calling
3. Counting
4. Categories
5. Critics
6. Cause or Purpose

1. Clarification:
Miracles of Christ are supernatural acts caused by the will of Jesus Christ which contrast to and interrupt the way in which life ordinarily functions

2. Calling
What are miracles called in scripture?
Dunamis - Power: mighty works, virtue, power, miracle
Semeion - Sign or indication, miracle
Ergon - Acts, deeds, work
Teras - Extraordinary, wonders

Dunamis emphasizes the Power behind the miracle
Semeion emphasizes the Purpose behind the miracle.
Ergon emphasizes the Performing of the miracle
Teras emphasizes the Praise from the miracle

3. Counting
Some think Jesus performed only 37 miracles, but the Bible says that they were innumerable (Jn.21:25)
a. Many miracles were summarized (Matt 8:16).
    12  summary statements in Matthew
    10 in Mark
    5 in Luke
    6 in John
b. Some miracles are similar; they could be the same or different (Matt 9:32,33; 12:22; Lk.11:14)

4. Categories
There are 33 prominent miracles that can be divided into 4 classes
a. Ruling Over Nature
b. Restoring of Health
c. Removing Demons
d. Raising the Dead

Dangers - 9 Miracles
Diseses - 17 Miracles
Demons - 4 Miracles
Death - 3 Miracles
I believe in miracles but I trust in Jesus

5. Critics
3 Major Attacks
a. Day. Sabbath Day. 7 out of 33 miracles on Sabbath Day (Lk.13:15)
b. Devil (Matt.9:34; 12:24)
c. Denial

People criticize miracles because they do not want to accept the authority and message of Jesus Christ

The Message of Christ and the Miracles of Christ are connected

6. Cause and Purposes
a. For the Glorification of God
b. The Confirmation of Christ's Claims as Son of God, Messiah, and Savior of men.
c. The Demonstration of Divine Power
Miracles are happening not because of you but because of the power of God
d. The Alleviation of the Needs of Humanity
e. The Subjugation of Satan's Power and Evil
f. The Education about Matters of Faith
Your life should not be based on miracles but on the Miracle worker Jesus Christ
g. The Fulfillment of OT Prophecies (Isa 29:18-19; 35:4-6; Mat.8:17; 11:1-5)
Jesus is the Master of every situation
Matt 4:23

One section that has all categories of miracle (Mark 4:35-5:43)
1. Victory Over Danger (Mk.4:35-41)
2. Victory Over Demons (Mk.5:1-20)
3. Victory Over Disease (Mk.5:21-34)
4. Victory Over Death (Mk.5:35-43)

Miracle by themselves are not proof that a man is sent by God (2Thess.2:9).
Jesus did not perform miracles to get crowd. He usually avoided the crowd


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