Examples of Biblical Propositions or Implications That Challenge Science

1. God created the world out of nothing.
This contradicts the scientific assumptions that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and that something cannot come out of nothing. The Bible is unique in its proclamation of creatio ex nihilo.  Even quantum physics based theories of the universe presuppose something preexisting, at least the quantum laws.

The biblical doctrine sets apart God as transcendent, infinite, immutable, and one.

2. The material world is not the only reality.
While certain psychical societies have been investigating this claim, science in general cannot include the supernatural into its equations, obviously. Anything beyond the material is beyond science. Science cannot base predictions on anything apart of realities that submit to laws of nature, as it knows.

However, Bible believers can identify and predict many things that relate to the non-material world. These include events that involve angels, prophecies, faith, and cases of demonic activities.

3. All have sinned
Science can recognize natural laws or laws of nature but cannot establish moral law. Some psychologists concluded that the moral law and the human conscience were products of human societies and relative to them, not absolute in themselves.

However, the Bible clearly declares humans as being in rebellion against God.

4. Resurrection and Salvation
Obviously, this the offence of science that Christ resurrected from the dead and there will be a resurrection of those who die in Christ (the living will be transformed).

For, believers this keeps them from the eat-drink-and-be-merry-for-tomorrow-you-die kind of hedonistic attitude towards life. This gives them a hope for the future and a reason to be altruistic and live a just and righteous life.


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