Why Doesn't God Just Forgive People? Why the Need to Receive it by Faith?

Pardon that is neither recognized by the pardoned nor acknowledged as such by the same adds to the prevalence of injustice.

To say "I have been pardoned" is to acknowledge the authority of the Pardoner, the condemnation of self in sin, and the total surrender to the mercy of the Lord. 

To say "I have been pardoned" also means to acknowledge that the Pardoner (being the Ultimate Authority) has incurred the cost of the pardon. 

Unsolicited pardon is an aggravation of injustice and evil.

If it were not for the Mediator, the High Priest, there would not have been intercession for the sins of the world; for the flesh is at enmity with the Law of God and would not acknowledge it.

The intercessor must provide the price for appeasement of justice.

Pardon must be received in order to be restored and reconciled.


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