The City of Truth

PCG, Itarsi, 29 March,05
Domenic  Marbaniang

                Modern age distinctively marked by the rise of the cities- Dawn of the industrial era. Statistical growth of urban population. Influx rate accelerated.
                Craze, clamor, fad, and mania for city life has also infected Xtns. E.g. Pastor leaving town for city. The biblical point of view needs to be restored.
1. The City of Man Vs the City of God

In AD 410, Alaric the Visigoth sacked and burnt Rome. Christians were blamed. St. Augustine wrote The City of God. In it, Augustine highly contrasted the city of man with the city of God. The City of Man (Gen. 4).

City of Man

City of God

Desire described as Greed






Rival to God

Subject to God





Seeks Praises of the people

Prefers Truth



Prides itself on itself

Pride in the Lord

The two cities were created by two kinds of love: the earthly city was created by self-love reaching the point of contempt for God, the Heavenly City by the love of God carried as far as contempt of self.

‘Augustine located the fate of Rome as the natural fate of every city that is grounded in the agon, and which uses agonistic tools to promote self-glorification. He presented the city of God as the only true alternative to the agon of Rome.’

                History is packed with stories of the rise and fall of several great cities. Babylon (Semiramis 2 million men for yrs) PLACE OF CONFUSION, Nineveh VIOLENCE, Corinth & Ephesus LUXURY  & ART, Memphis, Susa, Tyre, and even Jerusalem.
Against all these giant cities stands the monumental and resplendent City of God, which has foundations whose builder and maker is God.
ZECH. 8: 3 THE CITY OF TRUTH (Isa. 1:26) in contrast to The City of Man, City of Falsehood.
                Political Falsehood:          Isa. 56:10,11; 1:23; Jer. 6:6
                Judicial Falsehood:           Isa. 1:21; Jer. 31:23
                Economical Falsehood: Isa. 1:22
                Social Falsehood: Jer. 9:3-6,8
                Religious Falsehood: Jer. 5:30,31; 6:13

2. The City of God/Truth
                a. The Dream of the Fathers.Hb. 11:10, 16: A City,
b. Our Hope Col. 1:3 (Hope in Heaven)
                c. In it dwells Righteousness 2Pt.3:13

                Called City of Truth: Builder: God of Truth (Ps. 31:5; Isa 65:16)
a.       God’s Word is Truth (Jn 17:17).
b.       God’s Works are done in Truth (Ps. 111:8,9)
c.        God’s Word Above Name (Ps. 138:2)
d.       God desires those who stand in and for truth (e.g. Job) Jn 4: 23; Jer. 5:1; Ps 51:6

3. The Citizens of This City
                Ps 15: 1,2 : Speak Truth; Zech 8: 16, 17
                Eph. 4: 25, Rev. 21:8;
                Tit. 1: 16

                ‘A poor woman once told Rowland Hill that the way to heaven was short, easy and simple; comprising only three steps--out of self, into Christ, and into glory. We have a shorter way now--out of self and into Christ, and we are there.’


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