Philosophy of Medicine Vs Medical Philosophies

It's proper to understand the difference between "Philosphy of..." and "...philosophies". For instance, philosophy of religion refers to the philosophical study of the epistemological, metaphysical, and ethical aspects of the phenomenon and concept of religion, including questions raised by it; whereas a religious philosophy is a particular philosophical viewpoint of a particular religious tradition--examples include samkhya, yoga, advaita, shunyavada. There are religious philosophies in the same manner that there are secular philosophies. While the start point of the former is revelation, tradition, or faith, the start point of the latter is reason. Following are some examples of the above distinctions:

1. Philosophy of Religion - Existence of God, Essence of Divinity, Death and Afterlife, Knowlege of God, etc.
Religious Philosophy - Calvinist Epistemology, Advaita, Yoga, Zen

2. Theology of Religion - Essence of Religion, Goal of Religion, Salvation
Religious Theology - Catholic Theology, Hindu Doctrine of Rebirth, Sikh Theology
Secular Theology - Panentheism, Deism, Existential Theology, Political Theology

3. Philosophy of Science - Epistemology of Scientific Method, Matter and Mind, Definition of Life
Scientific Philosophy - Darwinism, Utopianism, Scientism

4. Philosophy of Medicine - Epistemology of Medical Research, Mind and Matter, Ethics of Medical Practice
Medical Philosophy- Allopathy, Homeopathy, Taoist Medical Philosophy, Chi Philosophy, Ayurvedic Philosophy, Yoga