On the Ground

The night drops curtains all around,
The wind blows roughly all around,
I've toppled and dropped Your candle
On the ground!

The day ran lightly, gleeful, and sound,
The heart followed after round and round,
It slipped and lost its handle
On the ground!

Much gold through labor, we all have found,
Much gold through passion, we all have drowned,
We've failed to stick our sandal
On the ground!

The night dropped its curtains all around,
The wind blew so roughly all around,
But stronger burnt Your candle
On Your ground!

The day dragged on heavily with furious sound,
The Spirit broke the cycle of merry-go-round,
You strongly held Your handle
On Your ground!

True life eternal in You is found,
True Life supernal, in You I drown -
But, unworthy I'm
Of the dust of Your sandal
On Your ground!

D. Marbaniang, July 2010


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