3 Forms of Memory - Lectures in Psychology


1. Sensory Memory (SM): Remembrance of a sensation lasting from a split of second to some 10 seconds. It is like a spark that is intense and strong but evaporates.

2. Short-term Memory (STM): Stores limited information for a limited amount of time. The older data will give way to the newer to accomodate space.

3. Long-term Memory (LTM): Stores unlimited information for unlimited amount of time. Must be retrieved by means of memory bookmarks, clues. But, thanks for the mind's ability to self-organize; the search isn't very difficult, given the proper clues.

LTM is like the Library
STM is like the Desk
SM is like the Page I'm reading


  • I remember the taste of the candy while eating: Sensory Memory. It is so real; that's one reason why SM has more appeal than LTM. Joke: "A philosopher gives up his philosophy over a tooth-ache".

  • I remember the taste for some time after: Short-term Memory.

  • I recall the taste, but indefinitely: Long-term Memory.

STM can be etched into LTM by repetition. Other factors: impression, interest, motive.

Hindrances: Ageing, Interference, etc.


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