To the Ground My Face

I wept and cried, but still I failed,
'Cos all the while my heart was still veiled;
I sobbed, I shuddered, I wriggled in anguish;
Yet, all the while my self didn't relinquish.
And, as with words and thoughts the pulpit mounted I,
My 'I' did mount tho' so humble felt I.
If but a prick would have touched my skin,
The ire would've oozed out with ounces of sin.
Yet, in Your deep mercies You've chastened my soul,
You took me through failures to make me whole.
I may, yet, fail a number of times, but this assurance I've forever,
That Your mercies from me shall depart never.
Lord, forgive Your child, cover me with grace.
Unworthy I shall be to ever see Your face.
These days will pass, one day You'll return,
The elements will melt, the universe will burn.
Then, these shadows of falsehood shall dissolve in Your Sun,
Eyes shall see Your Glory and wail at Your return.
For, what is man, this particle of dust,
A mask of vanity, a vagabond on earth!
I cover my eyes, I cover my face,
Oh Lord, my Savior, I can only live by Your grace.
I fall before You, Master: to the ground my face!

Domenic Marbaniang, August 2010.


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