The 7 Letters of Revelation: #1 EPHESUS: Your Affections Affect Your Destiny (Rev.2:1-7) - LOVE

You are responsible for your affections (2Cor.6:12)

7 Incredible Facts Revealed by Jesus (Rev.2:2,3)
1. You can be an active Christian and yet be a failure. (works)
2. You can be a laborious Christian and yet be a failure. (labor)
3. You can be a patient Christian and yet be a failure. (patience)
4. You can be a righteous Christian and yet be a failure. (cannot bear those who are evil)
5. You can be a wise and discerning Christian and yet be a failure. (tested those who say they are apostles...)
6. You can be a perseverant Christian and yet be a failure. (have persevered)
7. You can be a tireless Christian and yet be a failure. (have not become weary)

3 Facts About Love
1. Love is the key that opens the heart of God (Jn.14:23; 2Cor.6:12)
When God measures a man, He puts the tape around his heart - not around his head. - Guideposts
2. Love is the wall that keeps the enemy out (Song 4:12)
3. Love is the stronghold of victory already got.
Love God and do whatever you like - St. Augustine

Why Love is A Place of Victory
1. Love never fails (1Cor.13:8)
2. Love fulfills all law and prophets (Rom.13:8,10; 1Tim.1:5)
3. Love is the strongest witness of Christ (Jn.13:35)
4. Love is as strong as death (Song 8:6)
5. Love win people (even enemies) (Prov.18:19; Rom.12:20-21)
6. Love covers a multitude of sins (Prov.10:12;17:9)
7. Love activates faith (Gal.5:6)
8. Love casts away all fears (1Jn.4:18)
9. Love does no harm to neighbor (Rom.13:10)
10. Love edifies (1Cor.8:1)
11. Love is the pulse beat (sign) of eternal life (1Jn.3:15-16)
12. Love compels action (2Cor.5:14)
13. Love begets love (1Jn.4:19)
14. Love brings meaning to life (1Cor.13:1-2)

Symptoms of Love Failure
1. Love run dry - Indifference (hardened)
2. Love grown cold - Insensitivity (numbed)

8 Enemies of Love
1. Lawlessness (Matt.24:12)
2. Looking backward (Josh 23:11,12)
3. Wrong alliances (1Kg.11:2)
4. Critical attitude (Prov.15:12)
5. Annoying Acts (Prov.17:9; 25:17(
6. Desire for human honor (Jn.5:42)
7. Disobedience (Jn.14:24; 15:10)
8. Hypocrisy (Rom.12:9)

1. Remember. Memory is important. Meditation. Prayer. Worship. (Col.3:2)
2. Repent. Walk in repentance. Humility. Brokenness. Change
3. Do. Actions Affect Affections
Sow a thought, reap an action
Sow an action, reap an habit,
Sow an habit, reap character,
Sow character, reap a destiny. - Samuel Smiles


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