The 7 Letters of Revelation: #2 SMYRNA- The Bold Get the Crown (Rev.2:8-11) - COURAGE

Smyrna was a Persecuted Church. It was where Polycarp was leader and was martyred in 155 AD

The Letter exhorts Smyrna Church to be Courageous

The Bold Get the Crown
The Kingdom of God is Taken by the Aggressive

Courage is the Virtue of the Warrior. He Never Turns Back.

There is no armor for the back.

Matt.11:12; Dan.11:32; Prov.28:1; 2Tim.1:7

7 Reasons Why We Must Be Courageous
1. He is the First and the Last: A & Z
Your beginning and your end are in Him. The battle belongs to the Lord. He is in control
2. He Conquered Death and Came to Life
Death shall not have dominion: Where is your sting, power, O Death?
3. He Keeps a Record of Your Suffering ("I Know....")
(Ps. 56:8; Job 23:8)
4. He Keeps a Record of What You're Going to Suffer (Rev.2:10)
(Acts 9:16)
5. He Wants Us to Pass the Tests (TESTED)
Don't give up midway (Heb.10:32-39)
6. He Wants to Give Us the Crown of Life 
Second Death Can't Hurt.
7. It's His Command


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