The 7 Letters of Revelation: #4 THYATIRA- Lack of Authority Destroys Integrity (Rev.2:18-27) - AUTHORITY & SUBMISSION

Thyatira - The Corrupt Church. The city was famous for dyeing.

Lack of Authority Destroys Integrity
Rev.2:19. Jesus always began with a positive note. He got something to praise about, but He introduces Himself as the Judge (Rev.2:18)

Rev.2:23,24: Division: Judgment on Jezebel. No burden on others.
But they were responsible because they allowed (Rev.2:20)

Jezebel in the Church - Rebel
1. She was a Stranger to God ("that woman")
2. She was a self-made, self-declared prophetess
3. She was a teacher-seducer of God's servants (deception)
4. She was unrepentent (Rev.2:21). She crossed the deadline of repentance.
5. Her doom was pronounced.

Submission to authority is important.
(Num.16:1; 1Sam.15:22-23)


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