The 7 Letters of Revelation: #5 SARDIS- Negligence Destroys Intelligence (Rev.3:1-6) - WATCHFULNESS

Sardis was a Careless Church
Negligence Destroys Intelligence

1. They had a name "Alive", but were dead
2. They had works, but the works were not perfect
3. Jesus said that if this continued, when He comes, they will not know....

A. A Negligent Christian is a Fool
5 Foolish Virgins - negligent about the oil, negligent about the time of the groom (1Thess 5:2,4)

B. A Negligent Christian is Not Diligent
The Diligent
- Constant in effort to accomplish something
- Attentive and persistent in doing anything
- Someone who works in a careful and thorough way
(Prov.10:4; 22:29; 2Pet.3:14)

C. A Negligent Christian is Indisciplined
1Cor.9:27; 2Tim.2:1-5


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