The 7 Letters of Revelation: #7 LAODICEA- The Complacent Are Never Continuant (Rev.3:14-22) - PASSION

Laodicea was a Lukewarm Church

The Complacent are Never Continuant
She was self-satisfied.
Like the Pharisee who said, "I...." do this and that
Like the Rich Young Man who said, "I..." from childhood have observed all commandments..

But, Jesus knew what they lacked..
Unless we see what we lack, we can't move forward....

To the 7 Churches
1. Remember, Repent, Do (Ephesus)
2. Do not fear, Be faithful unto death (Smyrna)
3. Repent (Pergamos)
4. Hold fast what you have till I come (Thyatira)
5. Remember, Hold fast, Repent (Sardis)
6. Hold fast what you have (Philadelphia)
7. Be zealous and repent (Laodicea)


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