11 Lessons from the Journey of Israel

1. Exo. 14:10-12
Don't panic at your SITUATION
God is never late for SALVATION
He is the ARCHITECT of Time

2. Exo. 14:13
When all you can do is nothing, then be silent and wait patiently on the Lord
(Ps.40:1; Job)

3. Exo.14:15
When professional logic says "It is impossible", God will lead you to do what seems crazy and impossible; because God's crazy ways are remarkable.
(walking on water! mud-spit....)
--However, waiting doesn't mean doing nothing (Keep preparing, practicing)

4. Exo. 15:22-27
When you face a problem, choose what you'll let it do to you, make you.
- You didn't choose the problem, but you can choose your reactions
- You can't control times, but you can compose your responses
- You either turn pain into profanity or into poetry, the choice is yours (Robert Schuller)

5. Exodus 16
Happiness is the balance between Vision and Commitment
Killer fantasies create lack of contentment
Commitment= Contentment + Godliness

6. Exodus 17
Faith never tests God (Heb.11:6)

7. Exodus 32
Divine silence doesn't mean He has not been active
(Remember the ram in Abraham and Isaac's story... It was climbing up from the other side, while they were on this side)
The visible is not the only reality.

8. Exodus 32:26
Your faithfulness to God alters your history and makes you distinct

9. Numbers 13
Only the Valiant and the Violent take the Kingdom of God by force.
(Eph.6:1, Matt.11:12)

10. Numbers 16
(Korah, Dathan, Abiram)
God has an authority structure, Never despise authority

11. Numbers 20
The pulpit is not the place to show your personal frustration
-Serve God as He desires, not as you feel.


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