Do Not Worry - A Poem

Do not worry for you're in your Father's care,
Do not worry for worry'll get you nowhere --
Worry won't make you grow an inch tall,
Worry can't save anyone from fall;
Worry only adds to today's sorrow;
So, let worry be banished to tomorrow.

Do not worry-- See how the lilies of the field do grow,
They neither toil nor spin, won't remain till tomorrow;
But, today, are more gorgeously dressed than Solomon was in all his grandeur.

So, do not worry 'bout what you will eat or wear,
See how the Father feeds all the birds of the air.
He decks the grass of the field with colors,
He watches each little one with care;
They neither toil nor spin, they neither sow nor reap,
But they're all fully replenished by what God bountifully gives.

So, trust in your Father who cares for you 24/7;
And where He is there'll you'll find life's true heaven.

Matthew 6:25-34

© Domenic Marbaniang, May 3, 2012.


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