Acts 3:6 Christ didn't leave with us silver and gold

"Silver and gold have I none..." (Acts 3:6)

How often the things that we seek after are not what Christ left for us when He ascended to heaven! How attractive is a religion that promises silver, gold, good job, land, house, prosperity, and all worldly things! Jesus didn't leave any of such things for His disciples. But, these are what the modern Judas Iscariots are trying to sell Jesus off for; for filthy lucre that is good for none. And, no wonder only Judas got some silver out of Jesus, by betraying Him with a kiss. He had to sell Him. In history past, the Church sold relics and indulgences promising people a place in heaven; in the present scenario, they invite people to "sow seed" of money to reap more money; testimonies are used as ideal adverts that take off the eyes from the real Jesus of the manger onto some other Jesus who makes people forget that they are pilgrims and travelers in this rapidly degenerating world. But, what does Jesus want us to pursue? The very things He left for us: the Father's Name (Jn.17:6), the Father's Word (17:14), His Authority and Power of the Holy Spirit (Lk.10:19; Acts 1:8). Are we pursuing the true spiritual riches of Christ? Or are we following a false Christ, even the anti-Christ?


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