7 Marks of Maturity (Phil.3)

"Let us, as many as are mature, have this mind" (Phil.3:15)
1. Having no confidence in the flesh, i.e. with regard to race, tribe, caste, culture, class, position, training (Phil.3:3-6)
2. Christ-mindedness, i.e. to regard relationship with Christ above every other thing in the world (Phil.3:7-8)
3. Pursuing God's righteousness, i.e. neither being legalistic nor being libertine, but pursuing the righteousness of faith. (Phil.3:9)
4. Resurrection-focus, i.e. to fasten the mind on the new creation, the power of His resurrection, with the final glorification being the focus of entire life (Phil.3:10-11).
5. Never considering to have already attained or achieved or reached (Phil.3:12), which is a great hindrance to spiritual growth and maturity.
6. Forgetting the past, i.e. to not be reveling in old accomplishments nor be depressed by old failures, to neither idolize the past nor be victimized by it; to not keep knots, to not hold grudges, to not keep a record of evil, to not keep wishing things had been different, but to embrace the freshness of each moment by faith and absolute reliance on God (Phil.3:13)
7. Reaching forth to things ahead, pressing on toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ (Phil.3:13,14). To stretch forward, to strain ahead, to keep moving, to exert every ounce of strength to move toward the goal of God, i.e. the glorification of the saints, the manifestation of the sons of God.


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